Busbud Widget

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Offer more options to your audience with our simple Busbud widget. Busbud has the largest bus travel inventory in the world. By displaying this widget, your audience can compare schedules and prices in 63 countries across 4 continents.

Busbud Widget

Mario Gavira

Managing director of Liligo

In recent years, we’ve seen increased interest among our users for low-cost flights, hinting at the need for more budget options on our site. We’re excited to add bus tickets and appeal to these value-sensitive consumers.

Busbud Widget

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– Easy to embed— it’s as simple as copy/paste!

– Multiple sizes and formats

– Customizable language and currency

– Earn commission on each sale generated if you reach a certain volume

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If you want to connect directly to our bus ticket inventory, take a look at the Busbud API. Alternatively, we can also build you a custom Busbud White Label solution to unlock your traffic potential.

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