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Offer more options to your audience with our simple Busbud widget. Busbud has the largest bus travel inventory in the world. Display this widget, so your audience can compare schedules and prices in 79 countries across 6 continents. It’s responsive, easy to install and customizable.

Mario Gavira

Managing director of Liligo

In recent years, we’ve seen increased interest among our users for low-cost flights, hinting at the need for more budget options on our site. We’re excited to add bus tickets and appeal to these value-sensitive consumers.

Add it to your web page now.

Include this HTML target where you want the widget to appear:

<a id=busbud-widget target=_blank href=>Busbud</a>


Add this widget loader script in your page:

<script async src=></script>

The script is loaded asynchronously, so it won’t affect your page load performance.
We recommend you put the script in your <head> tag, but anywhere on the page would work.


Customize the language with data-lang attribute:

<a  data-lang=en>Busbud</a>

Supported langs are: en, fr, es, it, pt.
If given lang is unknown, it will default to english.

Monetize your traffic.

Earn commission each time your audience book a bus through your widget.
You only need a partner ID.

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